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Use hidden parameters to add print criteria to web templates
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Note: This article is intended for users that are comfortable using the HTML editor of web templates.


There may be instances where you wish to use a document print parameter on a letter that does not require the parameter as part of the web template. For instance, you have a letter that you would like to print based on Funded Date but the Funded Date is not part of the letter itself. To give this web template a print criteria without showing the merge field parameter in the letter, you can use HTML to hide the field in web templates.


Using the example above with Funded Dates, you can add this parameter and hide it from the letter using the HTML editor.


  1. First, verify that your merge field can be used as a parameter. If you are using one of the Parameter category fields, please remember that these will not work in Bulk Letters.
  2. Add the merge field to the top of the letter so that it is easy to find in the HTML editor.
  3. Open the HTML editor and find the merge field that was added. The HTML tag will start with "<code contenteditable=".
  4. Add the HTML comment tags, "<!--  -->", to hide the merge field around the merge field HTML code.
  5. Click Update to return to the web template and Save the document. The merge field will now be hidden on the document but will require the user to select a Funded Date before printing.
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