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Generating the ETRAN SBA 7(a) Terms and Conditions from Ventures

This article is also available as a video: **7(a) Updates as of 8/1/2023** * The 7A wizard is longer supported by SBA as of 8/1/2023. * Lenders will be able to generate Terms and Conditions in Ventures with the following status: IP, Awaiting Documents, In Reviewer 1 and Funded. * There is a new status R0 - In …

Release Notes - 2023-08-02

![][1] **AUGUST 2ND, 2023 Announcements** **VENTURES** * * * **NEW ETRAN Status and Workflow For 504 and 7(a) loans: In Compliance Review (R0)** SBA will now be performing compliance checks for applications before moving them to Awaiting Documents / In Reviewer 1 / Funded status. The new status is "R0" within a…

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