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Gateway Document Types and Document Requests

This article will explain the difference between Gateway Document Types and Document Requests, and how to add, edit, or delete both. **_DOCUMENT TYPES_** Site Settings > Document Types menu is where a Lender adds all possible types of documents they want to collect from applicants at any point in the applicant/borro…

Gateway Application Status

There are six application statuses within Gateway. The Lender and applicants will be able to see all statuses. Some are system generated, and some can be set by the Lender. These statuses do not come over with the application once it is pushed to Ventures. The Ventures record will be set to Prospect status by default.…

Gateway Mapping Document Requests to document types in Ventures

This article will explain how to map a document request, from Gateway, to an existing Document Type in Ventures if the Lender has Ventures Document Storage or BMI Document Storage on their site. This will need to be done for every document request in order for the document(s) to be available in the loan record when pu…

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