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Cannot assign an existing contact to another Entity

## Q: I have an existing principal in Ventures but when I try to add them as an owner in an Entity their name does not show up in the search. In order to avoid having duplicate contact records in your Ventures database, it's important to assign the existing contact to any new loans or entities where they are an owner…

Where do I input the Lender Contacts?

Lender Contacts are selected and/or created from within your Lender record in the **Financing **> **Financing **tab. For **Contacts** that have already been created start typing a portion of the person's name and the drop-down will display his/her name for you to select. If your **Contact** does not already exist for …

Contacts and Companies FAQ

## **Where do I add Contacts & Companies? ** Contacts & Companies would be created within a loan record. Click on the loan menu labeled **Entities** and create your entities/contacts. _NOTE: If you purchased the Lead Tracking module you have the ability to add Contacts & Companies within the main tables._ ![][1] #…

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