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Release Notes - 2022-04-13

**![][1]** **April 13, 2022** **Announcements** Ventures Support Team is Hiring We are looking to add a member to our support team and who better than someone that is already using the Ventures system. This is a remote position. If you are interested check out our job posting [HERE][2]. # Google Address Autofill …

Release Notes - 2022-04-27

**![][1]** **April 27, 2022** **Announcements** # Address Autofill Enhancement Ventures will auto populate the Census Tract and Congressional District when adding a new Project Address and selecting from the Google Address Prediction drop down list of options. You may also review a brief video demonstrating the en…

Release Notes - 2022-03-02

**![][1]** **March 2, 2022** **Announcements** # Ventures Knowledgebase: Did you know that Ventures has a Knowledge Base platform where you have access to helpful Articles, Videos, and even [Submit][2] a Support Ticket? * Access the Ventures Knowledge Base widget located on the lower section of Ventures: **Stay…

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