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Release Notes - 2023-12-20

![][1] **DECEMBER 20TH, 2023 ANNOUNCEMENTS** **VENTURES** * * * **New “SAM Unique Entity ID” Field Added to Entity Records ** A "SAM Unique Entity ID" field has been added to all record types in the Entities menu > Entity Record > General tab > Identifiers section. If you want to record the Unique Entity ID ass…

Tracking SAM Exclusions Search and Data Input

**Tracking SAM Exclusions Search and Data Input within Ventures** Ventures has enabled new fields to allow for the tracking of the SAM Exclusions search for Entities, Agents, Principals, Trusts. This new feature can be viewed at a glance from within a loan in Ventures > **Verification** > **SAM** menu. The SAM data r…

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