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PPP Forgiveness: Covered Period

Questions about Covered Period Start and End dates? * Please read the definition of **Covered Period** and/or **Alternative Payroll Covered Period** in the Form 3508/3508 EZ Instructions for Borrowers- screenshot below. To access the **full **instructions for the Paycheck Protection Program Forgiveness Application …

PPP Applications and Forgiveness Applications: Common Validations FAQ

Please see attached cheat sheets to review and correct common PPP 2021 Application Validations and common Forgiveness Application Validations.

PPP Forgiveness - Submitting your applications to SBA

As of August 10, 2020 Ventures is able to send applications to SBA's Forgiveness Portal. Applications can be sent in single format or batch. The attached Forgiveness Path handout is inclusive of videos on page 2 summarizing each section of the handout. The Borrower and Lender Experience workbooks attached highlight …

PPP Failed Validation Resubmission

When you use the **Check Status** feature in the **Submitted to SBA** queue within Ventures, you are checking your application's status within the SBA Platform. As you know, the application process is a little different this time around and the SBA is doing initial checks before approving and assigning loan numbers. …

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