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Copied Loans - Removal of Government Financing, if applicable

When a loan is copied or an existing entity is brought over to a new loan, the government financing will flow through with each of the entities. If you do not want the government financing records to reflect within the copied loan, the following steps should be taken to remove the records. This will _not _impact your …

Where can I find the Entity Debt Schedule and Government Financing data input?

The Business Debt Schedule is located within **Loan Analysis** > **Financial Statements** > **Debt Schedule** tab. Within the Business Debt Schedule tab is where you will track and input company debt schedule data and previous government financing. This data input is specific to Entities. * Click on **Loan Analysis…

Consolidated Debt Schedule printing within credit memos

Consolidated debt schedules will automatically generate onto credit memos when consolidated financial statements have been created _and_ if there's a debt schedule associated with any of the entities. ![][1] [1]:…

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