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Release Notes - 2023-12-06

![][1] **DECEMBER 6TH, 2023 ANNOUNCEMENTS** **VENTURES** * * * **504 Lenders - Pre-application option now sends all borrowers/principals to help with Pre-check's in ETRAN** Ventures has updated the current pre-application process to send all borrowers and all principals, along with tax ID's, on a Ventures recor…

Release Notes - 2023-06-07

![][1] **June 7th, 2023 Announcements** **VENTURES** * * * **ETRAN Terms and Conditions - 504 Lenders** The 504 Wizard has been retired and is no longer accepted by SBA. You can generate the Terms and Conditions (F/K/A Loan Authorization) in ETRAN or you can generate it directly from Ventures. View the KB art…

Signature Blocks for Entities Owning Entities

The attached handout will walk you through the steps of setting up a signature block where an entity owns an entity. ![][1] [1]:

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